September 18, 2017

Findings from an Online Survey Assessing the Burden and Management of Seasonal Allergic Rhinoconjunctivitis in US Patients


Seasonal allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (SARC) affects ≥16% of the US population annually. Telephone and in-office surveys have demonstrated negative effects of allergic rhinitis (AR) symptoms on sleep, daily activities, productivity, concentration, and emotions.

September 17, 2017

Abridged version of the AWMF guideline for the medical clinical diagnostics of indoor mould exposure

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Allergo Journal International
. 2017; 26(5): 168–193.
Published online 2017 Feb 28. doi:  10.1007/s40629-017-0013-3
PMCID: PMC5533814
S2K Guideline of the German Society of Hygiene, Environmental Medicine and Preventive Medicine (GHUP) in collaboration with the German Association of Allergists (AeDA), the German Society of Dermatology (DDG), the German Society for Allergology and Clinical Immunology (DGAKI), the German Society for Occupational and Environmental Medicine (DGAUM), the German Society for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH), the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP), the German Mycological Society (DMykG), the Society for Pediatric Allergology and Environmental Medicine (GPA), the German Federal Association of Pediatric Pneumology (BAPP), and the Austrian Society for Medical Mycology (ÖGMM)
This article is an abridged version of the AWMF mould guideline “Medical clinical diagnostics of indoor mould exposure” presented in April 2016 by the German Society of Hygiene, Environmental Medicine and Preventive Medicine (Gesellschaft für Hygiene, Umweltmedizin und Präventivmedizin, GHUP), in collaboration with the above-mentioned scientific medical societies, German and Austrian societies, medical associations and experts.

DRESS: What does the emergency physician need to know?

Authors: Matthew Nemero, DO (Resident Physician, SAUSHEC) and Joshua Oliver, MD (EM Attending Physician, SAUSHEC) // Edited by: Alex Koyfman, MD (@EMHighAK) and Brit Long, MD (@long_brit)
A 15-year-old male patient presents to your emergency department with his family complaining of a fever for 3 days and a rash that started on his face and chest that has been spreading for 3 days. Past medical history is significant for 3 ED visits in the past 90 days and a new diagnosis of epilepsy for which he recently started seeing a neurologist and was placed on phenytoin 3 weeks ago.
Vitals: HR 84, BP 122/74, RR 12, T 38.8 (101.8F), SpO2 99% RA
  • On physical exam, you palpate enlarged and tender cervical and axillary lymph nodes.
  • You note the generalized rash shown below. It does not involve the oral mucosa.

James Verbsky, MD, PhD describes the uses of flow cytometry for the diagnosis of primary immunodeficiency.

September 13, 2017

Bacterial d-amino acids suppress sinonasal innate immunity through sweet taste receptors in solitary chemosensory cells

Science Signaling: 10 (495)

Sci. Signal. Vol 10, Issue 495 05 September 2017
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Sci. Signal.  05 Sep 2017:
Vol. 10, Issue 495, eaam7703
DOI: 10.1126/scisignal.aam7703

The sweet taste of bacteria

Stimulation of the sweet taste receptor (T1R) in solitary chemosensory cells of the upper respiratory epithelium inhibits the release of antimicrobial peptides by neighboring epithelial cells. In addition to being activated by various sugars, T1R can also be activated by some D-amino acids.

September 6, 2017

Asthma Control and Sputum Eosinophils: A Longitudinal Study in Daily Practice


Longitudinal trials have suggested that asthma control may be influenced by fluctuations in eosinophilic inflammation. This association has however never been confirmed in daily practice.

Fatal Anaphylaxis: Mortality Rate and Risk Factors

Up to 5% of the US population has suffered anaphylaxis. Fatal outcome is rare, such that even for people with known venom or food allergy, fatal anaphylaxis constitutes less than 1% of total mortality risk. The incidence of fatal anaphylaxis has not increased in line with hospital admissions for anaphylaxis. Fatal drug anaphylaxis may be increasing, but rates of fatal anaphylaxis to venom and food are stable.

August 27, 2017

A survey on the perception of allergy specialists about the reimbursed grass pollen tablets for seasonal allergic rhinitis in Italy

Clinical and Molecular Allergy

Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) is a feasible option to classical subcutaneous immunotherapy to treat respiratory allergy and is increasingly prescribed in Europe. However, the lack of reimbursement may limit its prescription. In 2015, the 5-grass pollen tablets was authorized by the European Medicine Agency to treat grass-pollen induced rhinitis and was approved in Italy for full reimbursement. We evaluated the opinions of allergy specialists after the availability of the reimbursed 5-grass pollen tablets.

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